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HR22 Hog Rings

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HR22 Hog Rings

Descriptions of HR22 Hog Rings
1. This type of brads are usually applied with an air nailer.
2. It is made form: multiple zinc-plated steel wires, copper-plated steel wires or stainless steel wires.
3. It comes with a tensile strength of 40-50kg/mm2 or 70-80kg/mm2 (upon request)
4. Also known as a fastener, our HR22 Hog Rings is maily used for car seat assembling, Spring mattresses, Wngineering works, Interiors, Exteriors, Wiring, Fencing, Golf nets, Insulation, Camouflaged nets, Gardening.
5. These HR22 Hong Rings are manufactured in accordance with European SGS standards. It is absolutely pollution-free.

Specification of HR22
 Gauge: 15 / 16
 Crown: 22mm
 Width: 1.97mm
 Thickness: 1.42mm
 High: 12mm
 Material: Zinc Plating Wire
                aluminium alloy Wire
                Copper Plating Wire
 Tensile Strength: 40-50kg/mm2

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