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Wire Band

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Wire Band

Descriptions of Wire band
1. This type of brads are usually applied with an Punch Machines to produce staples and nails. we produce all kinds of wire band supply to staples factories in Turkey, Iran, Poland, France and other countries, also supply wire band to some chinese factories in Shaoxing city.
     Our wire band could produce No.10 staples, 24/6 stapels, 26/6 stapels, B8 office stapels, 23 series staples, 13 series stapels, 1400 series stapels, 53 series staples, 71 series stapels, 72 series staples, 74 series stapels, 75 series staples, T50 series staples, 10F series staples, 10J series staples, 4J series staples, 80 series staples, 84 series staples, 97 series staples, 98 series staples, 90 series staples, 92 series staples, 94 series staples, 14 series staples, N8 series staples, 100 series staples, N9 series staples, JS50 series stapels, P series stapels, packing staples, 32 series, 35 series, Brad nails, F Brad nails, T Brad nails, Pins, and many kinds of stapels which not on the list also can produce. upon request!
2. It is made form: multiple zinc-plated steel wires, copper-plated steel wires or stainless steel wires.
3. It comes with a tensile strength of 40-50kg/mm2, 95-105kg/mm2, 120-130kg/mm2, 130-140kg/mm2 (upon request)
4. This wire band is manufactured in accordance with European SGS standards. It is absolutely pollution-free.

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